Analysis Of The Movie ' Twelve Angry Men ' Essay

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Justice is Not Just
The justice system does not give a fair trial to those outside of cultural norms. These norms usually consist of “white, middle class” people. Trials are unfair because of stereotypes held by jurors and biased opinions against the poor and minority populations. These problems have been entrenched in our culture for centuries and are exposed in popular media and culture. Not only does the 1957 movie, Twelve Angry Men, show these biases, they are also shown in the more recent movie from 1996, A Time to Kill.
From my perspective, there are many inequalities in the judicial system used in our country. An example of this is racial inequality. A Time to Kill highlights racial tensions throughout the movie. This movie is set in the southern United States, where a ten-year-old African American girl gets raped by two white men. Then, Carl Lee Hailey, her father, plans the murder of these two men. A Time to Kill is about the trial of Carl Lee Hailey and whether he is guilty of murder or not. When the defense has their closing statement, they tell the story of the ten-year-old girl’s rape. This brings thoughts of Tonya Hailey, the black girls rape, but then the jury looks at it from the perspective of this happening to a white family. Their reactions show astonishment at how the perception toward the victim and the sense of “what is just”, changes when the single variable of race is changed. The court officials and spectators give off this same reaction,…

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