Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wind ' Essay

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Adapting history to the movie screen is not a novel concept. Many movie productions have captured audiences ' attentions and shed light on historical happenings. However, there is the occasional movie that goes above and beyond being a simple historical flick. Inherit the Wind is a perfect example of this exceptionalism. The movie, a classic take on the social issues of 1920 's America, is directed by Stanley Kramer and features stars like Gene Kelley, Spencer Tracey, and Fredric March (IMDb). The movie appeals to both history geeks and the general population alike, and it is rated for general audiences. It leaves this audience both captivated with the skilled acting and brilliantly crafted plot and enlightened with historical knowledge of an otherwise obscure time. Inherit the Wind is a movie everyone can enjoy due to the passionate and skilled acting, the enthralling dialogue, and the relentlessly captivating plot.

Inherit the Wind has been fascinating moviegoers since it was released in 1960. The movie is an adaptation based on the famous Scopes Monkey Trial. In this trial, a teacher from Dayton, Tennessee was indicted for teaching the theory of evolution to his class. The resultant trial and controversy brought in many famous political and social commentators of the time. Inherit the Wind features fictional characters based on real world lawyers and politicians of the time, including the school teacher Bertram T. Cates (Dick York), famed prosecutor and former…

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