Analysis Of The Movie ' The White Messiah ' Essay

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White Messiah in Movies
Avatar is one of the famous 3d movies in the world. Over 40 million people watched the movie. Some people like this movie because of the beautiful graphic design and showing wonderful alien planet. However, others see the movie as racist movie. Why? In Race Relations Light Years from Earth, Mitu Sengupta, the author of the article, assumes that Avatar is a racist film because Jake Sully, a former U.S. Marine in the movie, stands for native aliens and fight against U.S. army like “White Messiah.” This means white characters always save nonwhite characters from dangers. Also, Captain Nathan Algren, a U.S. general in The Last Samurai, understands native Japanese and fight against Japanese government to protect their culture from westernization. Some people might say that these movies might not be racially motivated because the enemies who against to “White Savior” are white characters too. However, in the “White Messiah” movie, the pattern of the stories doesn’t change and the cameras’ perspective always focus on the white main character. It makes the movie racially motivates stereotype.
Sengupta thinks that the “White Messiah” accusation should be taken seriously since the pattern of the movies can be seen easily. The example are many: falling in love with native woman, becoming a hero in a tribe, living in the native village at the end of movies, and helping people against to the enormous enemies. In Avatar, cameras display wonderful nature, native…

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