Analysis Of The Movie ' The White Chicks ' Essay

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Preforming Gender in the Movies

Stereotypes are a norm in the society we live in now. They are virtually unavoidable. No matter what type of person you are, male, female, White, African American, Mexican, Asian or anything in-between there is some version of a stereotype. These stereotypes are continually present no matter how much we try to deny them. They are constructed off of what we have learned to believe and what we assume. The media is a major reason that stereotypes are as extensive as they are. The media exploits these stereotypes to produce entertainment that people will watch. All movies has some usage of them. One in particular mocks and depicts them in a very engaging way. This movie the White Chicks.
White Chicks is a movie that regarding two African American FBI agents, Marcus and Kevin, who have to pretend to be white females to protect two famous celebrities, Tiffany and Brittany Wilson. While pretending to be these women they attempt to satisfy the classic gender stereotypes that are given white women. Customarily, white women are represented as tall, blonde, women who love to shop. Their attitudes are characteristically seen as stuck up and rude. Throughout the movie, the agents Marcus and Kevin struggle with filling these roles. Not only do they have to fulfill a gender stereotype, they also have to fulfill a racial stereotype. A great instance that illustrates both race and gender stereotypes is when Marcus and Kevin are pretending to be the…

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