Analysis Of The Movie ' The War On Terror ' Essay

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Post-Operation Iraqi Freedom, the “War on Terror,” has much of the same sentiment. Weapons of Mass Destruction were never found, the recently formed of ISL has continued to commit acts of terror, and much of Iraq was destroyed. The mission has failed and the American psyche is in crisis. American exceptionalism cannot hold if the country has failed in Iraq. American Sniper, in ignoring the issues of the War creates the “masculinist fantasy” where Americans always make the right calls on who to kill. One example is reductive basis for who the SEALs consider as enemy: “Any military aged male still here, is here to kill you” a superior tells the newly arrived SEALs, including Chris Kyle. Thus any brown male is automatically demonized. At the same time as the action of the film is occurring, Abu Ghraib prison was open, torturing its prisoners. Nicolas Mirzoeff in Invisible Empire: Visual Culture, Embodied Spectacle, and Abu Ghraib dissects the photographs of sodomy and torture that were eventually publicized. He sees the photos as a “performance of the new imperial masculinity.” The prison guards “confirmed the long-standing sense of the ‘Oriental’ as deviant” in forcing prisoners into so-called deviant situations. The imperial power, The United States, needs the opposing deviant other to create its own masculine superiority. This performance comes in other forms as well as film.
(figure 4. Chris Kyle looks at Mustafa through his scope) (figure 5. Mustafa looking out at…

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