Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' The War II '

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Paul Reinhold Jobs grew up on a dairy farm, however his father was an alcoholic and abusive at times. He had a calm and gentle personality. He had dropped out of high school and was mustered out of Coast Guard after World War II. Once he finished with that he made a bet with his friends that he would be able to find a wife in the next two weeks. He won that bet and got engaged to Clara Hagopian. Clara had a husband before but he was killed in war, so when she met Paul she wanted to start a new life. They didn’t have much money so they both moved to Paul’s parents house until he found a job. He found a job as a machinist for International Harvester. Clara suffered from eptopic pregnancy, which did not let her have kids. So they both decided to adopt one. His name was Steven Paul Jobs. Steve knew he was adopted at a very early age, he said he remember vividly that the girl across the street asked if that meant that his biological parents did not want him. He would cry but his parents would comfort him by saying that they specifically chose him. He grew up with three words: Abandon, Chosen and Special. “It made him independent. He followed the beat of a different drummer, and that came from being in a different world than he was born into” (page 5). As a young child Steve was smarter than most kids. He had to skip a couple grades to get to his level of thinking. But still Steve was still very bored so he would entertain himself by pulling pranks and…

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