Essay Analysis Of The Movie ' The Truman Show '

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The Truman Show is about a man (Burbank Truman) who was adopted by a television show, raised in a dome, and filmed without having any knowledge of it. He lives in the perfect neighborhood, has the “perfect” stereotypical blonde wife, outstanding job, but yet, believes he’s missing something. The movie gives us many clichés which motivate us to debate whether if he’s happy or not.
The construction of the luxurious city in Plato was because Socrates believed the other city did not fulfil the desires, needs, and expectations people and himself had. In comparison to the old city, the luxurious city was the perfect place; everyone depended, protected, and would help each other. Some were in charge of farming; others would cook, babysit, or sew. Sound just like the Safe Haven, the town Truman lived.
Christoph, the creator of The Truman Show, who he believed, gave hope to millions of people around the world was convinced that his actions and lies towards Burbank Truman who unknowingly was the star of a television show were noble. Christoph defines the outside world as a disgusting place and states his actions as acceptable. On Plato, a similar claim is presented by Socrates: censoring and noble lying in order to form the perfect city.
Socrates questioned himself who were going to be in charge and protect the city from evil. Who will be the rulers? Obviously, it couldn’t just be anyone, just like the president can’t be any random person. There are different qualifications and skills…

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