Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' The Titanic '

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What is Marxism? According to the powerpoint, “Marxism was essentially a way to view and analyze world conditions and historical developments” (powerpoint). The main idea of marxism is the struggle between the bourgeouise and proletriat which will can be analyzed within the film The Titanic. The differences in classes are heavily emphasized to show contrast. Marixism Criticism is the idea that all literary works can be analyzed through there literary works and this is just what we are going to do with The Titanic. The film The Titanic took place in 1996 when a treasure hunter discovers a necklace at the bottom of the ocean. The necklace was called the “Heart of the Ocean” and had a rare jewel in the middle of it. Along with finding the necklace he finds a drawing of a woman wearing the exact necklace. The treasure hunter puts out an ad to see if anyone had any information on the the women in the drawing wearing the necklace. Rose saw the ad at 80 years old and came into contact with him. The film than does a flashback into 1912 when Rose begins her story of the Titanic. The story Rose tells is a love story of her and Jack Dawson. Jack Dawson was a third class citizen that had made it on the ship by luck. Jack had won his ticket gambling the morning before it the ship left. Rose was a first class citizen who had just been engaged with a man her mother set her up with because of his money. Rose was not happy with the engagement and contemplates suicide. Rose and Jack meet…

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