Analysis Of The Movie ' The Terror From Within ' What Drives A ' Perfect ' Boys '

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American media sources continue to put greater emphasis on mass shootings while the need for social acknowledgement and understanding of people with disabilities fails to receive much public attention. One of the biggest media outlets in the United States, CNN, recently published an article entitled “The terror from within: What drives a 'perfect ' boy to kill?” in which writer Ann O’Neill takes a look at a trial involving a person with a confirmed mental disability who was charged with committing mass murder. O’Neill describes the case for James Holmes, better known as the Aurora shooter, as one that many wish to see conclude with a death penalty verdict. The controversy of whether someone with a mental disability deserves a death sentence sparked much attention, and through her article, O’Neill capitalizes on Holmes’ story and the public’s fascination with high-profile criminals’ private lives. In doing so, O’Neill provides multiple perspectives on disability that all – possibly unknowingly – perpetuate the notion of normalcy through offensive language used in the trial, visual aids, and her own words. One such perspective is that of the witnesses called to testify at Holmes’ trial. In all of the quotes O’Neill uses from witnesses of Holmes’ childhood, the common thread between them is the socially-constructed idea of normalcy. One witness calls Holmes “normal” during childhood, and others go on to describe Holmes’ normalcy as being a “popular,” “bright,” “good,” and…

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