Analysis Of The Movie ' The Signs Of Depression ' Essay

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I have seen the movie Inside Out a couple of times now and every time I watch it, the signs of depression given off by the main character Riley become more prevalent. Her family moved from Minnesota to San Francisco due to her father changing jobs. She was not very excited about the move but was forced to start a new life with her family. She was unable to play hockey with her old team and had to attend a new high school. The point of view of the movie is from inside Riley’s head. It features her emotions Joy, Fear, Anger and Disgust as the main characters. These emotions help the viewer understand what is going on in her mind and how she is coping with all of the new changes she is experiencing.
Depression can be causes by a stressful environment, among many other things. Riley’s experience of moving was not particularly great. She had imagined her new house to be these extravagant places and it turns out that she was extremely displeased with the new house. The outside was a bland color and the inside of the house had an off-putting smell. She even saw a dead rat in the corner of the house that she turned her nose up to. Riley had been promised a cool new room and when she ran up to it she was not satisfied with it at all. After being let down by the new house and her new room she was not thrilled with the start of her new life. Not only that but she had to start attending a new school.
On Riley’s first day of school she started the day off confident, eager to…

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