Analysis Of The Movie ' The Shawshank Redemption ' Essay

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A crime film is a feature of cinematic expression that connect its audience through a means of a life that is contradictory to their own. This means that one would enjoy crime films because it gives them a way to vent their everyday stresses by living a life of crime through the portrayed character. Crime films carry a pattern that is unmistakable within the realm if movie genres. This analysis will cover the topic of crime films, and will discuss this by putting the Frank Darabonts ' film "The shawshank redemption"(1994) onto a metaphorical chopping block to see how it fits into the genre of a crime film and more specifically the sub genre of the prison film. Also will be discussed is how the director uses classical rhetoric to connect the audience with the characers.
Prison films almost follow a general pattern that is: to "reveal the brutal realities of incarceration while actually offering viewers escape from the miseries of daily life through adventure and heroism. Presenting tales in which justice is miraculously restored after long periods of harsh oppression, prison movies enable us to believe, if only briefly, in a world where long-suffering virtue is rewarded."(Rafter, N. H. 2000 ch.5 pg.1) Crime films also have to end with the main characters redemption, and the ultimate end of the villain where he or she is brought to justice. Also, similarly to most all films, crime films have to show use of classical rhetoric in order to draw in their audience.
Prison films…

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