Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Platoon '

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Platoon is the first film written and directed by Stone that can be used to examine and explain his thesis and perception towards the Vietnam War. In this film, Stone gives a generalized few of the Vietnam War but uses a lot of symbolism. In the “Platoon” Stone depicts the Vietnam War as having been quite gruesome and deadly (Richman, p. 45). This description, contrary to what the world was made to believe, is in fact, the truth about the war, according to Stone. However, some Vietnam veterans, after viewing the film, felt that Stone’s depiction of the war was not entirely valid (Richman, p. 46). As a matter of fact, these veterans felt that Stone did not reveal the real extremity to which the war was waged. In other terms, although Stone depicts the war as having been quite ruthless, some veterans feel that it was worse than portrayed in the film “the Platoon.”
The film does not indeed depict the hard-to-fathom cruelty of the war. In the film the Platoon, Stone agrees with the veterans that the Vietnam War was horrible in its entirety (Richman, p. 45). The film depicts soldiers as having hated the war, thus were constantly frustrated during its course. Also, in the film, it is observed that Stone believed the war was characterized by confusion and wanton waste of human lives and other resources (Riordan, p. 24).
Stone asserts that Vietnam movies such as “Rambo,” “The Green Berets,” and the “The Apocalypse” were all unrealistic. He feels his films, especially the Platoon;…

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