Analysis Of The Movie ' The Other Wes Moore ' Essay examples

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“The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates”, is a memoir by Wes Moore, the fate of two men with the same name. “The Other Wes Moore” is about two men with the same name, who grew up in two different lifestyles. Wes Moore, the author, grew up in the Bronx, while the other Wes Moore, grew up in Baltimore. Wes Moore had difficulties handling his anger issues, therefore his mother sent him to military camp. On the other hand, the other Wes Moore fell under the influence of selling drugs and thieving, his consequence was jail time. The purpose of this memoir is to convey the difference life makes based on expectations and environment, and whether life is determined by fate or the choices that one makes. To answer Wes Moore’s questioned theme, one is a product of their environment because based on the shared life experiences of the Moore’s, they both were fatherless, their “role models” had different goals, and the people who surrounded them had a great impact on their lives. Wes Moore shares a couple of memories that he has of his father. “My father loved the sound and meaning of Watende, a Shona word that means “revenge will not be sought,” a concept that aligned with his gentle spirit” (Moore 7). At the young age of three, Wes remembered his father’s kind heart, and tender soul. Soon, memories would be the only thing he has from his father. “I heard my father coming down the stairs. His steps were slower than usual. I got up from the chair so I could be picked…

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