Analysis Of The Movie ' The ' Of The Flies ' Essay

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>People don 't like men for any number of reasons and no one says boo about it - but, you 'll have some guible ass individuals that will jump to her defense because that seems to be how she gets by - using her looks and getting people to constantly feel pity for her. All of that shit just seems like a sandwich of pathetic to me. Even within the narrative of the show - it 's a fucking crime to dislike Hayley, the showrunners and writers routinely try shame fans about disliking the character or actress, Phoebe is posting "woe is me" Tweets, and her followers...I mean, fans... routinely need to make people feel bad about not liking her or her character and get overly. It 's just a mess and Phoebe nor the character comes off winning in the end. And, you 're right - everyone insults everyone.

I do believe as well that being a good looking person gives you more weight to fuck up, to garner sympathy from people, to be forgiven easily because you "fake" apologize, or because they whine about something that brings their "fans" attention to the situation. Most of these celebrities don 't actually mean their wack ass apologies. They shouldn 't even be apologizing to the whole entire world broadcasting that shit. Go to the person you screwed over and give an apology in private. Ex: Ariana Grande sticking her nasty infested ass tongue on those donuts and being forgiven by her fans once again acting like they know the fucking celebrity. The fuck? No apology is going to rectify the fact…

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