Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

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Amil stood in the alleyway opening shocked and slack jawed. He felt bad for the little girl. Several feet away from the ambulance were a few cop cars. That blocked a majority of the road facing toward the the former shell of the restaurant. Right by the the cop car closest to him was a police man in the normal navy blue that one would expect. He held a small pocket notebook with it rings at the top. And directly in front of him was a man adorned in a suit, his top button undone, maroon tie loose, and his short brown hair a mess. He regurgitated“ I d-don’t k-know what happened one moment it was noon and sunny And the n-n-next it was midnight and pitch black. I couldn’t see.”
It wasn’t hard for Amil to add up what occurred. It was his fault and he knew it, but at first he tried to rationally explain it away. He thought the game could have glitched, or something Maybe a sheet somehow covered his windshield. That’s how he lost control. To his dismay there wasn’t a sheet in sight. It could have only been his doing. Guilt, disarray, and panic seeped in. He felt horrible. He thought if I only completed the tutorial this man would still be alive and the little girl would have a father. And that thought killed him.
He covered his eyes as if he could some block what he saw from his eyes, but the images stuck. He felt as if someone was wrapping their finger around his heart, tightening ever so slightly. He he tried to go on the positive side: At least I didn’t kill the little girl.…

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