Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

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The Graduate
The sequence that I have chosen for analysis is the scene after the party and Dustin is moping in his room, until he puts his hand in the fish tank to pull out his keys.

The scene begins with Mrs. Robinson bursting in on Benjamin. The sound of the door is quite loud in the small space, making it much more intrusive than it might normally have been and possibly drawing a metaphor about her entry not just into his room but into his private life. Her voice is totally calm and she shows no reaction whatsoever for having invaded his space. In terms of the composition of the elements in the shot, this scene begins with Dustin Hoffman staring into his fish tank. His face appears to be totally submerged in the tank as the fish swim all around it. Thus when Mrs. Robinson enters the room she appears through fish tank. Throughout the film, we see references to water several times. It can be suggested that water represents the perception that the protagonist has about his life. In this scene with Mrs. Robinson, we see that he is currently virtually submerged with no real way out. This is at least his mental perception. Later as he begins to get a better handle on the way that things are going, the aquatic references appear to have him with more control or on top of things.

As Mrs. Robinson enters the room; she appears to scan and appraise it, briefly looking over his possessions. This may seem like a simple activity but throughout the film we get a sense…

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