Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

1078 Words Jul 1st, 2015 null Page
Matt is 14 years old. He has light brown hair, a strong jaw line and the kind of acne you would expect most teens to have. He doesn’t have any friends in his school. He doesn’t talk to many people, especially since his parents died in an unfortunate car crash. He does know someone, I am not sure if he would call him a friend, Kevin. He knows Kevin from the streets and he is always getting Matt into trouble but Matt doesn’t have anyone else so he sticks with him. Even I didn’t have many friends when I was in school, I was an introvert. I (like Matt) knew a couple teens from the neighborhood. One night Matt was sitting on a bench at a railway station, staring at the concourse. Kevin came and grabbed him by his shoulders. Matt was happy to see a familiar face but deep down he knew that Kevin wasn’t the kind of person he should be with. Kevin had a big grin on his face. He asked Matt if he wanted to make some money. Matt was suspicious but he said yes. Kevin proposed that they go to a warehouse; he said he knew that it had only one CCTV camera , an old security guard who could be knocked out easily and an old rusty lock that he could pick. Matt immediately refused. Kevin explained that the warehouse had the latest PS2 CDs, mobile phones and laptops. If they could steal just a few items they could make a lot of money. Matt knew it was a bad idea and asserted that they do something else tonight. Kevin called him a wuss. Kevin was the only friend Matt had and he wasn’t ready to…

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