Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

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The scene from The Forbidden Room that stood out to me the most was the in one of the submarine scenes where the guy said he need to breathe and ate a flapjack because they said earlier that there were oxygen inside the flapjacks. This film stood out to me because the submarine scene was the most intense since oxygen is really important and in the scene people were struggling for oxygen. Thus, I felt like this is the most reasonable scene and so I felt the most attached and relatable to it. So when the guy ate the flapjacks for oxygen, it was a comical and exaggerated thing to do. This contrast from the funny action in a serious scene made it memorable. I felt like the rest of the film was very bizarre and random. However, it was very impressive that Maddin was able to connect all of the stories somehow. It was very hard to keep up with because it felt like Inception where there are stories within stories and it keeps going on. Personally, I felt like the way the stories connect or the transitions between the stories are reasonable but the content of the stories are very different from each other. This bizarreness makes it funny because I just can’t believe his ideas. Another part that was interesting was the title because many were like overexposures. Many warping effects also felt like it was done in a digital medium or After Effects, but the whole film looks like it was on film so that fascinates me. When Maddin mentioned that he would love to add smell, it made…

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