Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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Twenty minutes later…

Although Booker had left Holland’s home without incident, he did not feel truly liberated until the moment he stepped over the threshold of his apartment. The burden of his ordeal still weighed heavily on his shoulders, but knowing he had managed to free Jorge from the sexual and physical abuse gave him some measure of solace, and it almost made the degradation and hardship he had endured worth it.


With a strained smile, he turned and placed a comforting arm around the young Latino’s shoulders. “So this is it. Home sweet home.”

Jorge smiled politely, his eyes widening ever so slightly as he took in his surroundings. The small, untidy was an obvious step down from the luxury he had grown accustomed to at Holland’s desert hideaway. However, he realized beggars could not be choosers, and as his mama had often told him when he was growing up: El hogar está donde está el corazón (Home is where the heart is), and there was no doubt his heart now belonged to the beautiful, brave man standing beside him.

“It’s nice,” he lied, and snaking his arms around Booker’s waist, he snuggled in close. “But you don’t look happy? Is it because of me? Do I make you sad?”

Embarrassed by the young man’s affections, Booker gently disengaged from the hug and quickly busied himself by picking up the discarded clothing littering the room. “Of course not,” he replied softly. “I’m just tired, and, you know, adjusting to being home.”

With Jorge’s new-found…

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