Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

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Lacy waited until Chris left work and followed him. He went to a bar and appeared to meet some friends.
Lacy stood outside the bar door for a long time. Her dad would die if he knew she was considering going inside. But she would order a coke. Yes, she had to go inside and watch Chris. He had consumed her thoughts for years. He was not about to get off this easy.
Inside, Chris stood beside two other men who Lacy didn’t know. Then he walked to a table where an attractive woman sat alone. She appeared to like his attention.
Lacy took her coke and sat at a table across from them. Chris pretended not to notice or care.
Shortly, Chris and the woman stood. He helped her with her jacket and they left together. Lacy followed them outside. She thought about following them but figured they were going to the woman’s place, not Chris’. She would continue following Chris until she learned where he lived.
That night lying in bed Lacy had a better idea. She would change her approach. Fighting Chris forced him to keep his distance. It kept him running from her. She could hurt him more by drawing him closer. She would stop harassing Chris. Instead, she would do whatever it took to have him like and trust her. Instead of embarrassing him, she would flirt with him. She would act aloof but flirty. Smile and tease him. She certainly knew how to do this. She learned by watching her sister for years. Yes, she would lure Chris on and then when the moment was right she would castrate him. He…

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