Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essays

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Running through the trees with Demi was like heaven, but all too soon it ended when they reached the edge of town. The two of them slipped into the back of a clothing store. Demi only grabbed a few items she didn’t feel right taking without paying, and if not for her situation she wouldn’t. She told herself when her life changed she could come back and leave money to pay for the clothes, and bath supplies. As she had that thought she watched Luc leaving money on the counter, he turned to her. “Do you have what you need?” She smiled at him the idea that he was an honorable man made her feel better taking a couple more items that she needed and wanted.
They crept up to his window Luc told Demi, “Stay right here I’m going inside and will open the window.” Luc headed toward the back door it was closer to his room, and hoped no one would see him coming inside. He realized he was lucky as he reached his room and heard Shimmer’s door open. He locked his door, and ran over to the window, pulled it open, and reached down to pull Demi inside his room. He hastily showed her around his room said good-bye warning her that if anyone were to enter his room, she should be in her dog form in case they see her, and then he headed to the breakfast table to join the others.
Luc walked in as if it were any normal evening, and sat down to eat breakfast with the others. They all ate in silence, thinking, each with their own worries. Luc grasped this was going to be the longest night of his life,…

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