Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

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Scene 1

[Play starts out with ALEXIA speaking in front of her support group. Everyone is sitting down as an audience and ALEXIA is standing in the front of the room at the podium. She is stating her name, her birthday and why she’s in that support group. The group is for teens who have grown up with either one parent or without both parents.]

BEN: Okay guys, let’s get started today by having our get-to-know-me speech. Uhhhmm. (looks around room and points at Alexia) Alexia! You’re up!

ALEXIA: (Frustratedly) It’s Alex, not Alexia.

BEN: Well okay then, (air quotes) Alex, get on up here. (Takes a seat in the corner of the room)

ALEXIA: (Walks up to the podium while the room is quiet. She turns towards BEN) Do I really have to do this? We all know each other’s backgrounds.

BEN: So you’re telling me that Adrian knows your life story? And that he knows why everyone else is here?

ALEXIA: (Sighs) I wasn’t aware that we had a new guy…

BEN: Well, Now you know. So go on.

ALEXIA : (Inhales deeply and silently exhales) My name is Alexia, (looks towards Ben) but I’d rather be called Alex. I was born sometime in December in 1998 I grew up --

AUDIENCE MEMBER 1 : Sometime in December? Do you not know your birthday or are you just stupid? (Looks around at other members laughing)

MEMBERS: (Laugh with Audience member 1)

ALEXIA: (Hesitates) … I don’t know my birthday … my mom said that she couldn’t finish her last month of high school during her sophomore year because she…

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