Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

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It was a clear Saturday night, full of excitement and anticipation. Two teenage brothers, Chip and Zander, were headed to one of the biggest Halloween parties in the county. Chip dressed up as a mechanic, and Zander went as a zombie based from the television show, The Walking Dead. Their mother had given them strict instructions to be home by midnight as she wanted to ensure they would make it home safe before the night became too crazy. Even though the boys were having a great time dancing, eating junk food, and drinking fruit punch, they respected their mother’s request and slowly began saying their goodbyes to all of their high school friends. As they hopped in Chip’s truck, they began reminiscing over how fun the night had been and their plan to watch scary movies when they arrived home. As they were making their way back to their house on an eerie gravel road, Chip noticed something out of the ordinary. A car had broken down on the side of the road just up ahead with a middle age man slouched over trying to fix the broken parts under the hood. Of course, being the mechanic for Halloween, Chip pulled over to ask the man if he needed any assistance.
“Excuse me sir,” Chip asked, “do you need any help getting home tonight?”
The man replied, “I got a busted radiator. This old thing isn’t going anywhere.”
“Is there anything we can do to help? Would you like a ride home?” Zander asked. “No, I think I should be okay. I called my wife, and she said she’s about…

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