Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essay

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Penny could not believe her eyes, when she had seen Cole’s private jet. It was the most luxurious plane she had ever been on. It had tan leather seats, a flat screen TV, and a bedroom. She did not know how long of a flight it was to Dallas, but she was hoping after they got in the air they might try out the bedroom. She had never become a member of the mile high club, but she was wanting to. It had taken them a lot longer in the shower than either of them anticipated, the cold water put a damper on their fun.
“About what we were discussing earlier Penny. There is no need for us to stop seeing each other. I will be in Texas too for a while.” Penny could not believe her ears. A sudden realization hit her and she was not sure she was liking the thoughts that popped into her head. If he was going to be in Texas for a while and they were flying on his plane, was he in fact the client he hired her to work for? Heaven help him if he was.
“I want to know right now Cole, did you hire me to work for you?” Her steely blue eyes glared at him.
Cole had been caught off guard by the steel in her voice. This is not the response he had been hoping for. Somehow he thought when she found out they would head to the bedroom and spend the rest of the flight making love. Right now the look in Penny’s eyes told him to be very careful how he answered.
“I hired you, but you will not be working for me. You will be working for my mother Sophia, she owns Porter designs.”
“What about my…

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