Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night Of The Pub ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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After talking about general things, Johnny had remembered seeing a full moon right before he entered the pub for a second time that night. His southern, romantic, roots were taking hold of him when he asked Clarissa, “Hey darlin,’ would you like to take a stroll along the shoreline?” Clarissa looked him over, first looking into his eyes, then to his chest, then back up to his eyes again. “I would love to,” she responded sort of stunned that he had taken an interest in her. Johnny got up first, then hurried to Clarissa’s chair to assist her out of it. He could see that she was wearing some pretty fierce high heels, so he wanted to make sure she didn’t stumble and embarrass herself, plus he was a gentleman through and through. His hand he threw out to her to grasp onto to, and she warmly accepted it as she scooted off her chair, with one leg and foot touching the ground at a time. There were still other patrons in the pub, and they were getting glimpses in of the two whenever they could, without being too obvious in their stares. Johnny and Clarissa let go of each other’s hands, and then walked out of the pub side by side, with Clarissa’s top shining and glimmering from the pub’s lights above. Once out front of the pub, they passed through the green umbrellas that topped the outdoor tables. The two could even see the palm trees, which were matured in front of the pub’s entrance, because the moon’s light was upon them. There was a light breeze that night of salty, cool, air.…

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