Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' The New Woman '

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Also commonly desired by the new woman of this era is to become a “star.” Though most present in American culture at this time, this desire seems to be present worldwide. Portrayed mostly through movies, the new woman had many different images. The one that applies most directly to Doris is the one of a gold digger who uses her “sexuality for material gain” (Sharot 74). Analyzing the typical new woman movie plot of this decade, one comes to see it consists of a "girl who seeks out and experiences to some degree a freedom- loving lifestyle, and after escaping the sexual advances of an undesirable man she abandons the lifestyle to settle down in marriage with an appropriate partner" (Sharot 80). Doris’s story directly relates to this in which she, too, was ridiculed when she was younger and seeked out new adventures in this glorious city of Berlin where everything seemed to shine. Yet, she cannot seem to find a man who she can settle down with, and she finally meets the Green Moss who she thought was another undesirable man. Despite her misinterpretation of the Green Moss, she still decides to settle down with Karl, who was also from a poorer family, “an appropriate partner” (Sharot 80).
Yet, these new women had survived through the seedier side of the city. Smith perfectly describes these women with the quote, “[they were] prostitutes … that def[ied] common stereotypes of deviance and destitution” (2). So this bourgeois whore becomes a paradoxical figure where she…

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