Analysis Of The Movie ' The Market Force ' Essay

1864 Words Nov 30th, 2016 8 Pages
In the “Market Force” documentary, they showed us a little of two different perspectives. They show us the bad, which is the conflict perspective. And they also show us a functionalist perspective, because the food companies that run most of the worlds food trades are multibillion dollar companies that basically come up with their own rules, and do as they please. In this film, “Food Inc” they are showing us how the food industry grew into these mega processing plants, and slaughterhouses. First, let us look at the market force; the definition of a market force is the law of supply and demand. This means basically the price determination within the market; moreover, the price is determined by the level of demand and the quantity that is available. In the Tar Heel Slaughter house in Smithfield, is the largest slaughter house in the world. On the “kill floor”, they kill at least 32,000 a day. This makes meat packing one of the most dangerous jobs. The food system and the few companies that control the meat production industry have turned the food system into a nasty, and disgusting that they don’t want people to see the mega processing areas. They fear people will turn on them, but they know that people in certain poverty levels don’t have the money or time to turn to mostly organic products you must prepare yourself. In modern day agriculture, the motto is faster, bigger and cheaper. This is how the same few corporations continue to be in control of the meat production. They…

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