Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' The Incident '

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"Oh that this too too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew"
Rule one of the actor 's method, as according to Strasberg, Lee (1901 - 1982): the actor must use their personal emotions and memories to connect intimately to the character. I suppose that means, in a simpler sense, that I must 'become ' the character. It 's difficult to take literally though, as I 've never been a prince, especially not of Denmark. So here I sit, a soliloquy before me, pretending I want to kill myself. Half pretending, at least.
I do empathise with him a lot though. He seems alone in the world. His whole family out to get him. Reminds me of myself a lot, ever since 'the incident '. I feel that this is why I am drawn to acting; to become a character is a sense of escapism , I suppose. You can stop being yourself and instead 'become ' (that word again) the character. Exchange your problems and heartbreaks for those of somebody else; not necessarily better, but a change of scenery, a bi-yearly (if work can be found) refresher on the tragedies of life.

"DANIEL!" - a call breaks me from my stupor, as I am drawn back into rehearsal. A generous layer of sawdust still hugs the back wall, heralding the creation of a new world, as soon as stage crew get back from lunch. Spotlights appear and disappear, like accusing stares, giving momentary attention to what they deem worthy. A deep breath in - I adopt The Method. The outside world disappears, and I direct my life, my worries, my…

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