Analysis Of The Movie ' The Iliad ' Essay

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The writer of Troy was David Benisoff while its director was Wolgang Pertesen and and it is an adventure film produced in 2004 in America. It is 163 minutes long. The stars in the movie are Dianne Kruger, Brian Cox, and Brad Pitt among others. The issues addressed in the film include, but are not limited to war, power, glory, love, honor and fate. The movie Troy is based on the poem ‘The Iliad’ by Homer and Troy is in the mankind history one of the tragic film. A heavy army from Greek that was led by Menelaus of Sparta and Mycenae’s Agamemnon attacked the Troy fortress city. The war had been so because the Spartas queen had been seduced by the prince Paris who was a young Trojan. (Cowley et al, 2004)
In this film, there are many themes that are developed as outlined above. These themes are developed so well in the content of the film and the ideas developed are communicated to the target audience well in the film. The characters are chosen well to communicate the themes well to the target audience that is focused by the film. The characters also use poetic themes as drama and songs so that the attention of audience is captured well. The scenes in the film are developed well and each role played by the different characters portrayed well and therefore giving meaning to history of mankind and the rivalry. I therefore strongly believe that the film succeeded in addressing the target audience that is chosen very well. This can be described from the themes discussed below on how…

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