Essay Analysis Of The Movie ' The Help '

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The white women of the town in America in no way resemble racism. Discuss.
In his film ‘The Help’, the director Tate Taylor demonstrates the racism that was issued in the 1960’s of Mississippi and how racism deeply affected the families and that people of the present day must condemn it. In the film, racism is a part of the ordinary lives of the white women that live in Jackson, some chose condemn it, like Skeeter and Celia, enforce it, like Hilly or accept it, like Charlotte and Elizabeth. Taylor characterization of the actors in ‘The Help’ show the audience that racism is wrong and should be despised.
Hilly and her “disciples” clearly personify racism in the fact of the way they treat the African American maids with inferior and the way they strictly follow the laws of segregation. Hilly states, “there are real racists in this town.” This is very ironic since Hilly was the one who gets Yule Mae brutally arrested, and although Yule Mae did steal, Hilly rejected her polite request for her two children. Would Hilly have rejected the request if it were for a white family? This leaves Yule Mae no choice but to take a ring which was already lost. Instead of giving the audience a feeling of discord, it makes the audience honor her bravery and sacrifice for her family. Leaving the audience to see Hilly as a cold hearted racist. Since Hilly is so powerful and racist, she fires Aibileen from Elizabeth. We know that Hilly can clearly overpower her because even though Elizabeth…

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