The Help: Skeeter Phelan

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“The Help” is a story about the colored maids of Jackson Mississippi and how they are treated in the Civil Rights Era. During the Civil Right Era Black Maids were referred to as colored because they were treated differently because they did not have the same skin color as the white people. The film shows us how discriminative the white women of Jackson can be until one girl named Skeeter takes it upon herself to write a book and change the perspective of the people in Mississippi. The film shows us that the white women of Jackson wanted spate bathrooms and to basically treat the black maids like they were slaves. But one women shows them to stand up for their rights and fight back to be treated equally. “The Help” takes place in Jackson, Mississippi Where we meet Skeeter Phelan. A woman born in the Civil Rights Era but she is a woman way ahead of her time. She does not treat the maids like they are different people because of their skin color. She grew up with a maid and her name was Constantine and she was this kind older lady who love Skeeter as her own. Skeeter like any other white child born in Jackson during this time was raised by her maid. She thought of Constantine as her mother figure. She helped Skeeter though every fall, heartbreak, and even being bullied. She showed …show more content…
It shows us equality and how curtain white people of Jackson during the Civil Rights Era treated the black maids. They were treated differently because of their skin color and I feel very strongly about this because I believe that everyone should be treated equally and have equal rights. Skeeter show the maids that it is okay to stand up for there right and fight back to be treated as equals. Throughout the film the maid finds the courage to share their stories in a book. When the book is released the people of Jackson find out exactly how the black maids are treated by the so called higher privileged white

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