Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Great War '

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"Well, Well, Well, if it isn 't Charlie Johnson back from the great war!" Gertie smiled at Gerald who looked around awkwardly, before realizing Gertie was talking about him.

"Um, hello." He still didn 't quite know how to talk to Grandma Gertie when she acted like this. Grant it, she always seemed to have a "vivid imagination" when it came to people and holidays, however it seemed like her memory has gotten even worse as years went by. In Gerald 's mind, the evidence was like flashing red lights and sirens. The problem was convincing everyone else of the warning signs. Maybe they gotten used to it over the years. Even he did at a certain time, but now he was beginning to worry that Gertie 's scenarios and stories had the less to do with her wisdom and fun, and more with her age and health.

"I 'm so flattered to have you visit me, Charlie." Gertie interrupted Gerald from his thoughts as she leaned against the door post. A nostalgic look spread across her face as she smiled warmly. "It 's been awhile since our last rendezvous, hasn 't it? With you being naval officer now. My, My, where did time go?"

"Um...Y-yeah…" Gerald glanced behind the older woman for any sign of a certain football head with blond hair. He sighed gratefully when he caught sight of Arnold rounding the corner.

"Grandma?" Arnold cocked an eyebrow. "Who are you talking too?"

"Oh, it 's just my old buddy Charlie." Arnold sighed as he approached Gertie 's "Charlie". "He came to visit me." Gertie smiled…

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