Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Great Gatsby '

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The two plays that I chose to attend for this assignment was Theatre Work’s production of Proof, along with San Jose State University’s production of the Great Gatsby. The first, Proof takes place in the back porch of a Chicago house, the plot centers on a renowned, but broken mathematician and his bright daughter, Catherine. Catherine’s father, Robert was a genius mathematician who contributed greatly to his field of study as a young man. Overtime, Robert gradually begins to lose his sanity, resulting in Catherine’s withdrawal from college so she could care for her him. Soon after, Robert passes away, his daughter Catherine is left incredibly damaged and struggling to put her life back together. After her father’s funeral, the plot escalates as Catherine’s sister and other individuals attempt to get Catherine out of her grieving state in order to have her put her life together. This results in numerous complications between certain characters, leading to many arguments, and large amounts of drama. Regardless, these exchanges are what allow Catherine to figure out what she wants to do with herself and her life. The other play, The Great Gatsby, a brilliant stage adaption from Scott Fitzgerald’s novel was a compelling piece filled with drama, romance, and tragedy. The plot follows the narrator, Nick Caraway telling the audience the story of his encounter with Jay Gatsby. Soon after Nick meets Gatsby, he is looped into a world of secrecy, lies, and deception. The story takes…

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