Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Great Gatsby '

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The Great Differences Between the Gatsbys; Film versus Novel The Great Gatsby, a classic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is said to be one of the most influential novels of the 1920’s. Later, adapted into a film by Baz Luhrmann, this quintessential novel has striking differences when compared with its adaption; giving viewers a skewed perception of the Jazz Era. Characters, main plot points and even the main character Gatsby all carry some sort of difference from the book to the movie. Luhrmann does an excellent job of recreating works of literature into films, keeping the dialogue almost completely the same, yet he changes major pieces in order to make the film more enjoyable for viewers. This alters the viewer 's perspective on the topic, making the film an inaccurate representation.
A large part of a viewer’s perspective relates to how the characters interact with each other. Jordan Baker, a great example of this, was a significant character throughout the novel and the movie adaptation. Although she was significant, both the film and novel are similar with a few changes. As for what was kept the same, Jordan was a golfer in both the book and film. This is somewhat significant in how it shows a certain class that Jordan Baker is in. One of the largest differences between film and movie, was Jordan was casually dating Mr. Carraway. During the film it was never stated if they are dating and it seems that Jordan has already been taken by another person who the…

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