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Magic27 Review

From Britain to Botswana, any and all online casino players like a bit of nostalgia once in a while. Answering the call when it comes to such matter is Novomatic, who have fused together classic slot game elements within a modern online slot game UI.

Magic27 lives up to its name by offering players a truly magical gambling experience that is powered by the number 27. As a 3-reel slot, this game takes tradition and gives it a fruity twist. Since debuting during May 2015, this game has proven that it is anything but old fashioned, as it has all the pomp and circumstance of a 5-star 3-reel online slot game.

A frenzy of fruit

One thing that keeps Magic27 from being a dull affair in the minds of many players is the colorful fruit-based symbols used. Classic yet fresh, in Magic27 the fruit symbols are used in fairly unique fashion. Unlike in most other slot games, players get a payout when any three of the same fruit appear on a single reel. This is dubbed the ‘All Pay’ feature and it certainly presents an interesting twist on proceedings. What the ‘All Pay’ feature means is that players don’t actually bet on specific paylines, because every time they spin the reels every reel has the potential to lead to big wins.

What keeps players on their toes within Magic27 is the ‘Mystery Win’. When three of the same fruit, one or two of the same fruit, or one or two jokers appear on the reels players get the chance to win a mystery cash prize. Simply hit the game’s…

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