Analysis Of The Movie ' The Film ' Essay

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The movie Hugo was a delightful film that came out recently and took place in Paris, France. The movie was a story of loss, desperation, longing, hope, love and healing. It was skillfully done using really young actors as main characters as well as teaching the audience some history about the origins of film. It was a perfect choice to watch and analysis this film after learning about the huge undertaking and effort it takes to make a film. Last week’s readings really helped me appreciate watching this film and thinking about all the decisions that was made to create this entertaining masterpiece.

The film 's main character and hero is a boy named Hugo. He unfortunately lost his mother and then his father recently. His father would fix things such as wind-up toys and taught this skill to Hugo. One of Hugo 's flaws is his obsession to fix something that is broken. Before his father died there was a wind-up toy boy that was broken that Hugo became obsessed with fixing thinking that his father left him a message in it. The plot was quit surprising when you think the movie is all about Hugo’s story, it is not. Hugo lives in a clock tower and takes care of fixing all the clocks that his uncle used to do. That enables him to go unnoticed by the police. Hugo steals parts from a shopkeeper, George Melies, to fix the toy his father left behind. The twist is George used to be a famous film actor, producer and director and he was the one that created the toy that Hugo is trying so…

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