Analysis Of The Movie ' The Fight For Justice ' Essay

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The Fight for Justice
Adnan Masud Syed, 19 at the time of conviction, was accused and convicted of murdering Hae Min Lee, 18, on June 6th 2000. Hae Min Lee was killed by strangulation and her body was found in Leakin Park on February 9th, 1999. Mr. Syed was arrested after there was an investigation of him and from an incriminating testimony from Jay Wilds. By popular demand and a reevaluation of evidence and court proceedings, Adnan Syed should be allowed another trial.
Christina Gutierrez was Adnan’s attorney and was incompetent in defending him in court. Gutierrez was a Baltimore lawyer that was known for her aggressiveness and great legal tactics. In the first trial, she continually tries to pin the murder on Jay, and does the same in the second trial. The jury trusts Jay Wilds in both trials, but Gutierrez continues to try and break that trust. Normally, this tactic would have been effective in both trials but the jury’s faith in Jay is adamant. Gutierrez should have adapted and used a different strategy to defend Adnan, but instead she acts lazy and continues to try and shake the steadfast faith the jurors have in Jay and in his testimony. Another example of Gutierrez failing Adnan is all the times she threatened and asked Adnan’s parents for money. Gutierrez threatened Adnan’s parents that she will take away their house if they don’t pay her the amounts of money she asks for. Adnan’s parents have already paid an exorbitant sum of money as Gutierrez’ fee, but all they…

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