Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' The Fear Index

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the 6th of May 2010, the date of the notorious flash crash in the stock market. The novel circulates around the main character, Alex Hoffmann and his hedge fund which is operating in Geneva. The novel revolves around the theme of chaos and the fear than ensues. Harris uses his novel to pay homage to Mary Shelly’s 19th century gothic Frankenstein by creating his 21st interpretation using key ideas and themes taken from her novel. Other than subtle nods towards Frankenstein by using many shared characters’ names and location names. Harris recreates his 21st century interpretation by extrapolating on themes and motifs found in Shelly’s novel such as fear, power of knowledge and the motif of abortion. His novel targets those who are interested in classic gothic novels by creating his own twist on the genre while upholding the original values of Shelly’s novel.
The Fear Index shares many themes from Shelly’s novel, including fear and the power of knowledge. The novel establishes early the importance of fear. The main character Alex Hoffmann makes money off the predicted fear in the stock market. The novel shows how “fear is probably the strongest human emotion, period.” This theme can be shown through the characterisation of Alex, an eccentric billionaire genius. However throughout the novel fear catalyses his transition from quirky to insane. His actions are originally ignored by others claiming he was just quirky. This changes after he begins to fear he’s being watched, when he…

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