Analysis Of The Movie ' The Fault Of Our Stars ' Essay

838 Words Jan 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” This and many other prominent quotes hail from the film, The Fault in Our Stars, which seems to be receiving infinite adoration. The movie’s excellent story-line, flattering actors, and explicit precision to its book provide the film with an abundance of exceptional qualities to make it the award-winning cinema it is. When movie-goers receive word of a film about cancer, a majority of the time, they automatically can depict the plot that will occur; a couple falls into a love that is then interrupted by the chilling news of illness. While that motif is accurate for the movie, The Fault in Our Stars is anything but predictable. Thyroid cancer victim, Hazel Grace Lancaster, despises the harsh reality of being a teenage girl with a disease she can not control. Being forced to numerous doctors appointments and the agonizing experience of support group, Hazel desperately dreams of a life in which she makes her own decisions. However, during one of her visits to support group, Hazel’s heart takes the reins when she comes into contact with recently cancer-free, Augustus Waters. Though Hazel Grace is not interested in Augustus in the beginning, their time spent together reveals that Gus is the star-crossed love of Hazel’s life. From reading each other 's favorite novels to traveling the world together, the couple can not help but fall in love. When Gus’s osteosarcoma suddenly returns, their love is in jeopardy; this does not…

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