Analysis Of The Movie ' The Fast Runner ' Essay

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Based on a collection of inuit native american myths the film “the fast runner” exposes the beautiful and intricate cultural practices of the native peoples while telling a entertaining and enriching story. The main character Atanarjuat, must face many obstacles to ensure his safety and that of his love Atuat. In the film, the people of Antanarjuat’s camp have been plagued with a curse for the past generation. Through the cohesion between Atanarjuat and the films main Antagonist Oki the curse on the tribe has thrived. At the conclusion of the story instead of falling into the same pattern of anger and murder the protagonist “Atanarjuat” spares the life of his long standing rival Oki. This token of forgiveness invites the evil Shaman who casted the hex, WIth the spiritual powers of Panikpak and her brother Qulitalik the evil shamans spirit was lifted from the village and the individuals whose actions were products of the curse such as Oki,Puja, and their two brother were cast banished from the tribe to never return. Once Atanarjuat spared Oki’s life in the third act the theme of the film became clear. Forgiveness, almost every character had suffered at the hands of another’s anger and jealousy, yet they forgave them for their transgressions. This theme is one that transcends any cultural backgrounds. In Today’s society,many individuals have forgotten this concept.In the case of the black liives matter movement many passionite young people have held on to a great deal of…

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