Analysis Of The Movie ' The Dictator ' Essay

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Speeches given from Great heroes are renowned for rallying the people to act for or against a cause, speeches such as I Have a Dream, to movies such as Brave Heart, in his War speech. Yet, a speech that shouldn’t be forgotten in time is Charley Chaplin’s speech in his movie The Dictator. In the concluding scene where he gives his final speech to explain persuade the people of Germania, that they are deceived by a tyrant who is leading them down a terrible path. There will only be negative consequences if the country continues on with their ways, and how it will disastrously impact the world as we know it. Analyzing his speech in how it is rhetorically a masterpiece with the stylistic usage of, Pathos, Ethos and Logos. In how Chaplin’s delivered speech leaves the audience in awe, rallying them to change their approach in society, and to move towards the re-attainment of humanity, liberty and progress.
The use of Ethos that Chaplin uses to win his audience and rally them to a moral cause is an ethical proposition to keep them from losing their humanity. His first proposal is the appeal to kindness rather violence, and demonstrates this through the verbal imagery of conquest, in comparison to helping others. He uses specific words that create emotional images such as bloodshed, crying children and women, mechanical men, and the victimization of the innocent, which are all poisonous effects of greed. Chaplin claims that these misfortunes happen when the leader of a country…

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