Analysis Of The Movie ' The Dark Knight ' Essay

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In Nolan 's The Dark Knight, the Joker disrupts the order in Gotham City when he has district attorney, Harvey Dent, and his girlfriend Rachel set up to explosives. While being saved by Batman, and after realizing Rachel will die when commissioner Gordon is too late to save her, half of Dent 's body is ignited by the explosion, leaving him with horrific scars. This mutilation, combined with Rachel 's murder, leads Dent to start causing chaos in Gotham . Another story of loss occurs in Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs when FBI initiate, Clarice Starling, begins working the case of Buffalo Bill, a homicidal maniac with a strange fascination with winged insects. She gets help from killer psychiatrist, Hannibal Lecter, to stop Bill on her own, while he analyzes about her childhood and father’s death. Bodily mutilation in Dark Knight and flying insects in Lambs both indicate that someone who experiences a personal loss may be motivated to do good if they are able to overcome the grief it brings.
Harvey Dent is hospitalized after the explosion, and as his bandages are pulled off it is revealed that half of his face has been deeply burned. He is confronted by the Joker, and as he approaches Dent’s bed, the enraged Harvey tries to free himself from his restraints. Joker loosens the leather bindings from Dent as they have a conversation about how the Joker was not the one who abducted Dent and Rachel or rigged the charges because he was in prison:
JOKER: So when I say that you and…

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