Analysis Of The Movie ' The Crucible ' Essay

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The film opens with a group of young girls and a slave named Tituba dancing around a fire in the woods of salem, massachusetts. A man sees the girls dancing; he startles them and they scatter but the 2 youngest girls are scared so much so that they pass out and enter a coma like state. The man we later find out is a reverend, one of the younger girl 's father, and the uncle of the ring leader of this dancing party. His daughter betty was one of the comatose girls. Reverend Parris called in an expert in witchcraft, Reverend Hale, to look at the comatose girls, because he suspected the girls of witchcraft. Abigail, the ringleader of the group, admits to dancing but nothing more beyond that. The town gathers in and around the home of reverend parris,so he leaves to calm the crowd, then Abigail tells the girls to never say a thing about that they were doing just say they were only dancing. After all this madness is calmed, john proctor, a farmer comes to talk to abigail alone about the affair they had the year before while she was working in his home. She was fired by proctors wife but her love for him never left, she tried to kiss him when they were talking but he pushed her away and told her to stop all the foolishness with the other girls. Betty wakes up screaming and the crowd of puritans rush upstairs. They begin to argue about her being bewitched, another argument ensued between proctor, parris, the wealthy thomas putnam and, the argument-loving giles corey. This…

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