Analysis Of The Movie ' The Color Purple ' Essay

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5. I chose to watch the movie The Color Purple. I chose this movie because I felt like it would be the least graphic out of the libraries options. The Color Purple is set in the early 1900’s so they do not have as many technical devices as we have today and understand things in a different light. During the early 1900’s it was still acceptable to beat your wife that did not go out of style until really the late 1970’s. It was made illegal in all states by 1920, but people still felt that it was seen to be a family matter so people often tended to look away. During this movie the main character felt dealt with being beaten on a regular basis. The movie only showed one seen of her being beat at the beginning of the movie. But later she tells a friend that he beat her when her friend was not there. Celie was about 14 when she moved into the man’s house. They did not have a wedding ceremony and near the end of the movie when she finally leaves she even said that she never asked for his hand in marriage. So with that I do not know if this can be seen as wife beating, however, she lived there and slept in his bed so we are just going to go with that he was her husband for now. Every time she talked back to him he beat her, she also said that he beat her just because she was not her friend who her husband actually loved . So if this was the case then he must have beat her a lot because he only ended up with Celie because he could not have her younger sister or…

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