Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Clock Midnight '

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Around 12 o’clock midnight Susan drove through a dark and abandoned town. When she began to feel chills. She saw that a white car started to approach her. Faster and faster the car drove, so close Susan felt that the car was going to crash into her. But she did not care she kept on driving. Ten minutes later her car started to slow down, she had no idea what was going on. Everything was fine with her car she had enough gasoline and her car was brand new she only had four months with it. Soon after her car completely stopped there was no one except for that one white car, which was following her. She had no one to call because her phone had ran out of battery. So she got out of her car and waved for help at the white car to stop. As the car started to approach Susan could hear her heart beating faster and faster at not knowing who was about to get out of the car. Then the car came to a sudden stop, the car door swigged out as slow as a snail while making a disturbing sound. Susan could not see who was the person who was driving it was too dark to tell plus the person had their car lights on which blinded Susan for seconds. As the person stepped out of the car Susan felt relieved as to see a strong and tall gentleman. Her worries went away, but Susan did not know that her feelings will come back stronger than ever. As Susan explained her problem with her car the man knew exactly what had happened. He popped open the hood and fixed it in a short time. The man went back to…

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