Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The Circuit '

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The Circuit by Jimenez portrays a story of a family crossing the border illegally to the U.S. The narrator of the book is Panchito, who was around 6 years ago when his family moved to California. The family goes through farmland to farmland to find work. It could be either picking cotton or strawberries. Panchito did not know any english when he started school. His determination and perseverance is what lead him to continue striving to fit into the American culture. At the end of the story, Panchito had to memorize the Declaration of Independence. He worked hard to try to memorize a line a day. The day he had to say to it out loud, an immigration official arrives.(Jimenez) Panchito felt he had become an American culturally because he has now adapted living like an American.
Panchito has been through a journey that even though his family crossed the border illegally, he has now learned the American way of living. He knows English more than he knew when he first came here. He is like an ordinary kid at school. Panchito was always optimistic for every move they had. In the beginning of book, Panchito says, “ I did not know exactly what California was either, but Papa’s eyes sparkled whenever he talked about it with Mama and his friends,” ( Jimenez 1). No matter how much they try to adapt to the American culture, it would hard to live normally and get a real job.
The video The Bracero Program relates the hardship in The Circuit. The Bracero program was a way for Mexicans to…

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