Analysis Of The Movie ' The Aviator ' Essay

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In California’s history we see a lot of things happening and becoming something else than what it was. California begins to have the growth of Hollywood, where short, silent movies were beginning to occur. Then the motion picture begins to uprise as well as the length of the films. But Hollywood is not the only thing the begins to uprise in California. During WWll, the demand for airplanes began to rise. Many aviation companies began to build the planes that could help during the war. In this movie The Aviator we see both of these events occurring, the uprise of Hollywood as well as the beginning of the aviation world.
In this movie we see the setting being in the late 1920s with a man named, Howard Hughes, being passionate with his work in film as well as with his passion towards planes. During the movie we can see that California is viewed as a good place to do film. We also see that the demand for films in Hollywood are becoming more requested by the people. Especially as the movies begin to lengthen as well as becoming comic, and movies transitioning away from the silent films. The way we see this happening is by the way that the people dress, giving it a vibe of it being set between 1920s as far as early 1940’s. Another way that we get the setting of it being from a different year is by the way the cinematography is set up. “The film boasts an ambitious fusion of period lighting techniques, extensive effects sequences and a digital re-creation of two extinct cinema…

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