Analysis Of The Movie ' The American Dream ' Essay

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“No one stays in McFarland unless they have to. There ain’t nothing American dream about this place.” – Thomas Valles, McFarland High School Cross Country Team Member (Ciaridi & Caro, 2015). The idea of an “American Dream” varies by person, based on their interests, age, residence, status in life, economic status, and much more. The “American Dream” of someone with a high paying job in New York City most likely will be much different than that of someone unemployed and living in a suburban city with a blue collar job. It can be concluded that Jim White: teacher, eventual cross-country coach, and main protagonist in the 2015 film McFarland, USA’s American Dream was much different from those of his students. White, ironically a white-collar white male, moves his family from a middle class town in Idaho to a poverty-stricken farm town in California known as McFarland in the film. His idea of the American Dream is then changed through his experience as a coach and mentor to young people whose lives are drastically different from what he knew, while facing many intercultural issues and barriers along the way. Mr. White is not the only individual that encounters intercultural issues through life’s challenges in situations such as his, each of us face these issues within daily life. It is no lie, we are all unique, and factors such as race, religion, socioeconomic status, and background that make us so give society as much diversity as it has. Issues within interculturalism are…

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