Analysis Of The Movie ' The Air Up There ' Essay

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The Air Up There, a narrative film about a man finding himself with a tribe in Wanabi, Africa. The main character Jimmy Dolan, travels to Africa to recruit a 72 inch basketball player by the name of Saleh. He has to leave his comfort zone and experience situations that ultimately force him to quit living in the past. Dolan has history in St. Josephs more specifically the basketball team, The Bulls. He played on the 1981 team and they become the champions that year. Dolan is credited with creating the move Shake and Bake. He was able to go farther as in move up to the National Basketball Association, but a knee injury ultimately put an end to that dream. Thankfully he is part of the coaching staff as an assistant coach. He and the head coach, Ray Fox, share a really close relationship, with the head coach thinking about appointing Jimmy as the next head coach after he steps down. The only set back is the fact that Jimmy feels resentment from Coach Fox, because Dolan is still stuck in the past. He wants to go back to the days he was in the spot light. Then an opportunity presents its self when during the dinner with the Cowbells, the Bull’s cheerleaders, in a short film Jimmy spots a player in the background. In order to prove himself to Coach Fox he is willing to travel to Africa to recruit this player. Once he arrives he instantly runs into the language barrier. Not only does he have the barrier but no one is willing to help him find the Wanabi tribe. Even once at the…

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