Analysis Of The Movie ' Testament Of Youth ' Essay

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Many war movies try to capture the essence of war from a soldier’s point of view, but in the movie Testament of Youth, we get to experience it from an outer perspective. The story takes place in 1914, right before the beginning of the first World War. We meet our main characters: Vera, the main protagonist, her brother Edward, and their friend Geoffrey. They are enjoying the summer before their last term. The boys are both studying to become cadets and to, eventually, join the military. When the war commences, they are searching for recruits. They expected the war to be very short, little did they know what they were getting themselves in to. We find in this movie ideas proper to the ideological ways of thinking of the 1900s and its link to patriarchy. We also see the different male and female stereotypes expressed through many actions completed by the main protagonists. When addressing men’s relationship to war, it is important to notice how the movie portrays going to war as something that is expected from a young boy, that they should prove their manhood by fighting for their country. Towards the beginning of the film, when they announce openings to fight in the war, Vera’s brother Edward wants to sign up, but his father doesn’t approve. He seeks Vera’s help and asks her to try and change his mind. They start conversing and he mentions how he’d “rather put a gun to his head than make him join the troops” to which Vera responds, “let him be a man, he won’t forgive you…

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